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There are many different perceptions and personal beliefs about how prairie dogs should be managed. Whether we are working with a large developer or the local rancher, we want to assure you that we will follow all federal, state and local regulations. We also want to assure you that we understand your concerns and are here to listen to you and develop the correct treatment option that fits your needs. There are certain instances that may require the need for live trapping and relocation of the prairie dog colony. Please keep in mind we do not provide live trapping and relocation services at this time.

Why choose us:
• Over 15 years of experience.
• Licensed by the Department of Agriculture.
​• Homeland Security background check.
​• We carry a Class ( A ) CDL with a Hazardous Material Endorsement. This licensing legally allows us to transport the  materials used in our industry and to placard our vehicles if necessary.      
​• We are fully insured.
​• Family owned and operated by a United States Army veteran.
​• We are motivated to build long lasting relationships within our community.

Who have we worked with:
• Residential landowners
• Commercial developers
​• Commercial businesses
​• Realtors
​• City and Town  Ground and Open Space Departments
​• Homeowners  Associations
​• Farms and ranches

Many more!

Prairie Dog Extermination

About Us
Prairie Dog Pros, LLC is a locally owned and operated business serving northern Colorado and all surrounding counties. We have over 15 years of experience in the elimination methods used to control black tailed prairie dogs. We provide exceptional service and to create long-lasting business relationships within the communities we work with. We value our reputation within these local communities as our number one priority.